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Student Support Services

  • “When I think about SSS, I think about college students getting a head start in their college studies and their college life.”— Rupinder Singh, SSS Class of 2011
  • “CAP/SSS was not just a preparation for college; it was also a step to a successful future.”— Teesha Carrasquillo, SSS Class of 2011
  • “The SSS program was a very helpful guide to prepare me for college. It gives a preview for new-comers to experience the college life.”— Jasuan Prude, SSS Class of 2011
  • “The SSS program was a great jump start on college learning.”– Emanuel Rivera, SSS
  • “SSS means early first-hand experience to me.– Harris Lodi, SSS
  • “Be realistic about today, but stay optimistic about the future.”– Devon Mein, SSS
  • “SSS means the door to opportunities and new beginnings. Live life and prosper.”– Michael McDoom, SSS
  • “To me, this is the best beginners program at UConn.”– Jesus Montalvo, SSS
  • “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”– Christian Tarazona, SSS quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “SSS truly prepares its graduates for their college career and provides essential connections needed for success.”– Larry Grijalva, SSS
  • “Never regret. If it is good, it is wonderful. And if it is bad, it is experience.”– Kinza Javed, SSS
  • “The SSS program has taught me that you can do anything you want as long as you give it all and never doubt yourself.”– Elizabeth Singh, SSS

Our Staff

Bidya Ranjeet Bidya Ranjeet, Ph.D. SSS DirectorE-mail
Phone 860-486-4040
Office ROWE CUE 231

Yesenia Cajigas Yesenia Cajigas SSS Learning Services Coordinator E-mail
Phone 860-486-0129
Fax 860-486-4024
Office ROWE CUE 231A

Yesenia Cajigas Chelsea Cichocki SSS Counselor E-mail
Phone 860-486-3574
Fax 860-486-4024
Office ROWE CUE 231D

Joanna Rivera Davis Joanna Rivera Davis SSS Counselor E-mail
Phone 860-486-5815
Fax 860-486-4024
Office ROWE CUE 231C

Carl Dean Carl Dean SSS Counselor E-mail
Phone 860-486-4954
Fax 860-486-4024
Office ROWE CUE 231E

Kim Gorman Kim Gorman SSS Counselor E-mail
Phone 860-486-0127
Fax 860-486-4024
Office ROWE CUE 231F

Tony Omega Tony Omega SSS Counselor E-mail
Phone 860-486-4415
Fax 860-486-4024
Office ROWE CUE 231G

Aaron Collins Aaron Collins SSS Avery Point Coordinator E-mail
Phone 860-405-9013
Fax 860-405-9009
Address UCONN, 1084 Shennecossett Rd. Groton, CT 06340

Lynn Papacostas Ginolfi Lynn Papacostas Ginolfi SSS Hartford Coordinator E-mail
Phone 860-570-9205
Fax 860-570-9284
Address UCONN, 85 Lawler Rd. West Hartford, CT 06117

José Luis Ramos Jose Luis Ramos SSS Hartford Counselor E-mail
Phone 860-570-9345
Fax 860-570-9284
Address UCONN, 85 Lawler Rd. West Hartford, CT 06117

Kwasi Gyambibi Kwasi Gyambibi SSS Stamford Coordinator E-mail
Phone 203-251-8488
Fax 203-251-8486
Address UCONN, 1 University Place, Stamford, CT 06901

Lillie Wright Lillie Wright SSS Waterbury Coordinator E-mail
Phone 203-236-9852
Fax 203-236-9851
Address UCONN, 99 East Main St. Waterbury, CT 06702